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Residential, Commercial & Corporate Designing

Arts n Draftz produces various types of residential,commercial & corporate design spaces. In the residential sector, an apartment or a villa are realized in multiple (studio, two/three or four bedroom penthouse, villa) inside a building or in the context of a master plan.

Arts n Draftz also specializes in projects made with the highest quality standards for carefully selected clients. In commercial & corporate sector, a transparent and continuous dialogue with the customer is fundamental.

We provide complete civil Interiors & Turnkey project services. We design interiors with the care and understanding of the needs and lifestyle of our clients.
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Furniture Designing and Manufacturing

Our services in the area of furniture and interiors are particular and specialized. All the interiors are custom designed and custom built with personalized design inputs, high quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

The furniture we make is finely handcrafted with carefully selected materials and finished to the optimum degree – high quality can only be expressed through the finest materials. The team includes highly skilled polishers, carpenters, upholsters, carvers and inlay craftsmen.
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Interior Styling and Accessorization

The Interior Styling is aimed to incorporate all the principal components involved in the development of a pre-existing space.

Arts n Draftz focuses on the essential aspects of Interior Styling, from initial brief to client presentation and how to develop an exciting yet functional space for both residential and commercial clients.

Styling helps enhance their space in limited time frame .Accessorization and colour play is the main focus in styling as an already existing space needs to be uplifted.
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3d Visualization and walk through

Translating a design to an actual product requires extensive knowledge of material and a technical understanding of fabrication process.

Arts n Draftz use a variety of CAD packages to create 3D models for all our standard designs and bespoke millwork in order to fabricate our designs accurately. Each new product and each new project inspires new ideas and feeds back into the design process.
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Exclusive Materials

Arts n Draftz is known for its innovative designs and materials which create them. The use of u unique exclusive materials sets aside one design from the other.The combination of material with advanced techniques have created inspiring interiors and furniture pieces.
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Arts n Draftz’s interior consultancy and execution is always in accordance with Vastu. The civil Changes and Aesthetics (whether in terms of colour or placements) is all done in according to Vastu. Proper solution and treatments are given for Vastu Doshas .
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