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Furniture Designing and Manufacturing

Our services in the area of furniture and interiors are particular and specialized. All the interiors are custom designed and custom built with personalized design inputs, high quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The furniture we make is finely handcrafted with carefully selected materials and finished to the optimum degree – high quality can only be expressed through the finest materials. The team includes highly skilled polishers, carpenters, upholsters, carvers and inlay craftsmen.

Our woodworking division makes use of exotic veneers and kiln-dried hardwoods to create custom furniture that is both unique and timeless . Flat panel processing gives us the capacity for high-volume production of wardrobes, kitchens and built-in carpentry, while our team of carpenters uses traditional carving techniques and traditional joinery to produce bespoke pieces. Our use of modern machinery allows us to guarantee consistency but we achieve our high level of detail and refinement by tapping into the traditional culture of artisanship that remains singularly accessible in contemporary India.

Comprising two production lines for spray finishing each consisting of a prep area, spraying chamber and a temperature controlled drying chamber, our finishing division uses Italian coating products, including water-based finishes, polyurethanes and polyesters to offer a full complement of finishes.

Our metalworking division creates both ornament and hardware for our furniture. Welding, turning, milling, stamping, and grinding allow us to experiment with the myriad textural possibilities of metals, while our casting division allows us to design and realize intricate surface patterns and sculptural shapes in furniture and accessories.

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