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Residential / Commercial / Corporate Designing

Arts n Draftz produces various types of residential,commercial & corporate design spaces. In the residential sector, an apartment or a villa are realized in multiple (studio, two/three or four bedroom penthouse, villa) inside a building or in the context of a master plan.

Arts n Draftz also specializes in projects made with the highest quality standards for carefully selected clients. In commercial & corporate sector, a transparent and continuous dialogue with the customer is fundamental.

We provide complete civil Interiors & Turnkey project services. We design interiors with the care and understanding of the needs and lifestyle of our clients.

The Designing Division comprises by a Senior Designers to take care of layouts, sections, drafting of execution drawings, 3D CAD modeling, 3D presentation, interior detailing and furniture drawing. Equipped with the latest software and technologies, the division works towards exploring the best possible designs and executing the project to the optimum satisfaction of the client. The commencement of each project starts with extensive detailing and understanding of the clients’ requirements in terms of space utilization, functionality, time frame and cost. We provide complete detail drawings along with supervision and contractual work that inlcludes plumbing and electrial drawing, bathroom, ceiling flooring, bannister, panelling, workspace etc:

Understanding, interpreting and translating with a personal language and effective vision, the ideas of each client, creating a project that summarizes all elements with the value. Searching the balance between the commercial logics especially in a shop, and the creation of an aesthetically exciting and technically perfect ambiance.

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